Friday, 30 August 2013

122/365 - circle

122/365 - circle  by Mihai Boangher
122/365 - circle , a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

We arrived in Brasov and we are ready to work, hopefully the weather will agree.

See you tomorrow

Thursday, 29 August 2013

121/365 - packing ...

121/365 - packing ... by Mihai Boangher
121/365 - packing ..., a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

It's past 1 in the night and I have just started packing again for the 3'rd weekend in a row...

Got to go ...

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

119/365 - Keep your focus

Today was the first day at the office after the trip to the seaside and what I realized it was way to short. I am also editing a photoshoot - a very good one I may add - and I need to finish until Friday as I am leaving again from Bucharest!
The bottom line is that I need to focus in order to get everything done in a short time!

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

118/365 - History

118/365 - History by Mihai Boangher
118/365 - History, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

There are those buildings that scream history when you see them - Casino from Constanta is definitely one of them. Although it is a ruin now if you look closely you can just see "the movie" . It was build in the early 1900 and it's located just near the sea. You can just imagine men dressed in tuxedos smoking on this balcony with good music inside and beautiful women.
A piece of history that is left in the past and could be an important landmark for Romania.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, 26 August 2013

118/365 - Fresh start

118/365 - Fresh start by Mihai Boangher
118/365 - Fresh start, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

We managed to watch the sunrise today, to my surprise the beach was not empty families with kids were already playing and people jogging... After that we had a nice breakfeast and a long time on the beach, good time for reading and enjoing the sound of the sea! In the evening we had a great dinner and now we are low on energy so it's the end of today!
I do feel like this vacation was too short, we needed a few days more but that's life :) so tomorrow we will say goodbye to the sea and get back home.

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

117/365 - Relax

117/365 - Relax by Mihai Boangher
117/365 - Relax, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

Today after quite a while I used also my point and shoot and I still love my sony for what it is! I don't expect the quality that Fuji delivers but it does a great job for snapshots and I don't need to take so much care of it as it is not as expensive :)).

I packed light and I am using my ipad2 for editing with snapseed.

I have also shoot some action shots that will be uploaded once I get home - for the people that say Fuji is not good at sports!

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

116/365 - leaking light

We arived at noon to the seaside, for me the weather is perfect, for my wife I think it is colder than expected! So, for tomorrow I have in my to do list nothing :) this is very welcomed after a long marathon through different tasks and things to do!
I will have time to put everyhing in order in my head to relax and enjoy the short break!
See you tomorrow!

Friday, 23 August 2013

115/365 - 2 again

115/365 - 2 again by Mihai Boangher
115/365 - 2 again, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

Hard day but rewarding ..... I will leave tomorrow morning and neither I or my wife haven't pack or got ready - I left home at 8 AM and arrived at 10:30 PM and I am barely keeping my eyes opened.

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

114/365 - 2

114/365 - 2 by Mihai Boangher
114/365 - 2, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

On Saturday we will go to the seaside, this will be the first time this year and I am very happy that we managed to book a room now when all are usually fully booked. I will take only my ipad with me for processing. I still need to pack and to get a haircut... and tomorrow....will be a busy day!
I will tell you more about tomorrow on the next post!

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Monday, 19 August 2013

111/365 - Day 111

111/365 - Day 111 by Mihai Boangher
111/365 - Day 111, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

Day 111 of the project - just like r2d2 all day was about work at the office and at home but at least I see progress - at the office we are at the peak with 3 important projects and everybody is under pressure to deliver good results, at home I am trying to give my best and act like I haven't been to work for the past 9-10 hours and be fresh and ready for action...
A friend of mine from work is back in Romania from UK (he is living there at the moment) and hopefully the project will meet his face as he lives a very interesting life!

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

109/365 - Blooming

109/365 - Blooming by Mihai Boangher
109/365 - Blooming, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

I have spoked with a good friend of mine today that is attending an elite school outside of Romania. He left his very nice life here to challange himself to do this and I admire him for it - I do belive that only through though things you can really change your approach and way of thinking. I am through a simillar process now as my schedule is crazy and I am daily pushing myself and I strongly belive that someday it will be better and more relaxing.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, 16 August 2013

108/365 - Graffiti

108/365 - Graffiti by Mihai Boangher
108/365 - Graffiti, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

Today I had one hour of strolling with my camera through the center of the town - usually I hate "graffiti" because most of it is the name of a crew or just some random stuff BUT I love it when it is done good and nice and improves a wall that otherwise would have been white and boring.

This particular one is where some guys have a bike store. I will not tell you more because I want to go there again and shoot some more even the bikes (these are not your typical bikes)

We will leave in a few hours and I am now packing so ...

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

107/365 - In a green stage

I have spent today with my wife. It was great we have done a lot of things. We celebrated her name day and it was also my grandparents wedding anniversary - 59 years together and still rocking! Tomorrow we will leave Bucharest and go to my wife's home town to attend a wedding on Saturday. As always I haven't packed anything yet but still have time :)

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

106/365 - Lone ranger

106/365 - Lone ranger by Mihai Boangher
106/365 - Lone ranger, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

Tomorrow I will not go to work that will imply working more for my other projects :). I have a lot of things on my mind lately and I really need to clear my head so I am really eager to go away from the city in the weekend!

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

105/365 - Dodging bullets - Matrix style

The photo represents most of my day - I dodged a lot of bullets :)) - I have finished one job this evening one to go and another one pending! I love the fact that I have work but I need to focus as in the weeekend we will leave to a wedding and I will not work for 2 days, that means I should finish everything before I leave!

See you tomorrow!

Monday, 12 August 2013

104/365 - In the spotlight

I wanted to know when I will hit 15000 views on Flickr but the stats service crashed 2 weeks ago and I hoped that they would fix it but it seems they don't. I have 30 views in one day and only one photo posted has 145 .... so the difference is huge and I can't tell if I passed or not the 15000 milestone... I guess this was the only option for what I was paying the pro account - I will not renew the service and I will stick to the normal user.

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

103/365 - Popcorn please!

Today I went with my wife to eat and after that to take a fresh breath of air in the park where at the hour that we arrived was installed a free outdoor cinema. I love the idea but I believe that it was too much light going on.

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

102/365 - Fujifilm

102/365 - Fujifilm by Mihai Boangher
102/365 - Fujifilm, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

I have read a lot lately on what should Fuji put on the new versions of X systems. From my point there are 2 things that need improving focusing & lenses - I hope that they will do this in the next year. A lot of people asked me how is my view now on the X-E1 after a few months of use and getting used to. Well to be honest is.....a great camera! It is a sexy camera with personality something that a dslr lacks.
See you tomorrow!

Friday, 9 August 2013

101/365 - Contre-jour portrait

This evening is an off day from everything, therefore I will not post more than this!

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

100/365 - Say cheese!

100/365 - Say cheese! by Mihai Boangher
100/365 - Say cheese!, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

The greatest thing of this project is not the photography part is the fact that you really know how many days have past since you started - usually days pass by us and we don't really pay enough attention, we don't take a moment to reflect on what we have done and what we want to do in the future.
So this is day 100 for me since I started the project - and today I have allocated some time to reflect and I will give you the summary of my last 100 days as a lot of stuff happen (when you say from May it doesn't sound much - when you say 100 days it changes the perspective):

The good:
1.I have met 2 great guys that opened a world for me that I thought it was miles away
2. Stepped up my editing skills
3. Learned a lot in general

The bad:
1. Spent considerable less time with my better half
2. I have worked very long hours at the office
3. My average sleep since June is 5-6h per night, I need rest and a vacation

Goals for the next 100 days:
1. To have more quality time with my lovely wife
2. To step up my game from an editing perspective and improve my workflow
3. To book a holiday and get some rest

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

99/365 - Wild Wild West

I guess we all live in the wild wild west in different areas of our lives, myself included where we need to do what we need to do in order to make things happen.

I was listening to very nice interview while I was doing my editing and they where talking about balanced life and for the first time I heard somebody that was on the same page with me - people that live a balanced life and check all the boxes don't change the world and balanced life is a thing invented by corporations - the aim is to have a fulfilled life - of course for some this overlaps with balanced life, or they are just inducing this to themselves?

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

98/365 - Ride with me into the sunset

Summary of today - rise and shine at 6:45 AM - went to office until 7:30 PM / arrived at home at 8:10 / at 10:00 PM started to work on my other job until 11:45 when I stopped to take the daily photo but now I will start again! so around 15 hours of work today - that's a lot and I am still behind with everything... I need to do something because I am getting to tired...

See you tomorrow!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Sunday, 4 August 2013

96/365 - It's a game of shadows!

I was late today with my photo, but at least I have spend some quality time with my wife!
I am going to sleep as tomorrow will be another busy day!

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

95/365 - Dude, they are hibernating!

Busy day again - need sleep - I am behind with my work and tomorrow I need to give 200% to recover what I was not able to do in the past evenings.
See you tomorrow!

Friday, 2 August 2013

94/365 - I am telling you - Humans exist!

Busy day today! Solved a lot of stuff but there are still things that were postponed. I have my work from home that I am squeezing into my daily mess....
See you tomorrow!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

93/365 - Just...Paris

93/365 - Just...Paris by Mihai Boangher
93/365 - Just...Paris, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

Our plans for holiday this year included Paris or London and local seaside or Greece - well we didn't had to opportunity to do neither - maybe in October we will travel outside Romania until then we need to go to the seaside.
I will have a day off from my office work tomorrow - that means I will sleep in - but I had a lot of stuff to do during the day - hopefully it will not be crazy hot outside as I will walk some miles.
See you tomorrow!