Wednesday, 31 July 2013

92/365 - Love on mars

92/365 - Love on mars by Mihai Boangher
92/365 - Love on mars, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

Another month has passed... I have the feeling that I am in a constant fight with time.
Today I needed some rest when I arrived home from work and I slept like a baby for 2 hours. I am now starting my second job preparing things for tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

91/365 - The library

91/365 - The library by Mihai Boangher
91/365 - The library, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

Great night with great people at a great place... The Library - in Herastrau park -

See you tomorrow!

Monday, 29 July 2013

90/365 - Team work

90/365 - Team work by Mihai Boangher
90/365 - Team work, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

It's very hot in Bucharest! I have a new project to work on until Sunday! So I will spend some time on working on this event this week - hopefully office work will be lighter than last week when I felt like I was out of energy after the first 2 days :))

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

89/365 - Warm light

89/365 - Warm light by Mihai Boangher
89/365 - Warm light, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

After a full day of work yesterday today I slept until 12:00 and I spent the whole day with my wife. We watched a movie during the day as it was to hot outside and we went to very nice restaurant around 21:00. It was still warm outside and we went for a long walk in the park until 24:00.

I normally didn't take my Fuji with me in this kind of situations as it was very annoying the fact that it refused to focus. Now with the new firmware is a new camera! Yes the picture has a little bit of grain which I love :).

Saturday, 27 July 2013

88/365 - I do! R2D2 do you..

I have updated the camera & the lens with the new firmware that fixed a lot of the issues that I was finding on a daily use. The main one is the focus accuracy and speed which went from horse to car - there is still a huge difference between car and sports car (DSLR) but for what I use my camera not commercial is very good now. Also the accuracy has been greatly improved and now it locks on in areas where normally it didn't. Apart from this they added a second function to the f button - where normally I had ISO now I will have focus points in order to avoid sticking my finger in my nose when trying to switch from one focus point to another. To be noted that also focus peeking has been added - I don't use it as I don't use manual focus that often but having sony's experience on focus peeking it can be improved. There are also improvements on the video side of things but to be honest since I have bought the camera I have never used this function so I can't talk about this

I will take the camera and put it to some tests in the real world at night - which I tried before and it was not usable - focus was barely locking if not locking at all. I know that contrast detection is weaker than phase detection and that it requires skill and knowledge in order to use it in your advantage and in night time there is a problem with contrast difference as everything contains black BUT my sony nex that I have previously owned could lock focus so it can be done therefore I expect that the following series of X-camera to use phase detection and step up their game in a league that nobody is in right now.

Hats down for Fuji and their dedication to improve things and the support that they are putting on the table for the normal consumers. I have not seen this approach for ages from electronic companies and I thing this is what will separate them from others apart from the high-end product. It is quite interesting how we became used to poor services in general and when you receive proper support you feel respected and taken care off.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, 26 July 2013

87/365 - Pirates

87/365 - Pirates by Mihai Boangher
87/365 - Pirates, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

Yep - pirates who steal gold coins - who would imagine that :))

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

86/365 - Fighting my dark side

I am fighting my dark side on a daily basis, I am sleeping only a few hours per day but I am working an average of 12-13 hours on a crazy schedule - all projects are at their peak in this period and everything is chaotic - everybody around me is tired and cranky and I am fighting my dark side in order to keep calm and push further - hopefully in 1 month and a half things will calm down!

I found myself enjoying very much to use the Lego figurines for this project so I will continue with this... as I can express through static figurines my state of mind - which is awesome!

The main issue that I have is that 18-55 is not a macro therefore huge crops are required such as this where I think I am at 100 % crop but the quality that I receive from this little beast is amazing so I don't mind a little grain or noise!

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

85/365 - Neighborhood

85/365 - Neighborhood by Mihai Boangher
85/365 - Neighborhood, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

Yesterday I have received some lego figurines from a good friend that will go to abroad for 2 years so more will come with this theme. I wish him the best and hopefully I will see him there not back here :)

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

84/365 - Best served cold!

Hot day with hot subjects discussed! Good conclusions and stepping up the game!

See you tomorrow!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Sunday, 21 July 2013

82/365 - Fujifilm

82/365 - Fujifilm by Mihai Boangher
82/365 - Fujifilm, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

There are 3 things that always are with me my phone, wedding ring and my fuji!

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

81/365 - Saturday

81/365 - Saturday by Mihai Boangher
81/365 - Saturday, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

Today was a work day for me, I edited most of the day and I intend to do so until I will get sleepy. I am working on a great wedding and I am really enjoying it!
See you tomorrow!

Friday, 19 July 2013

80/365 - just...light

80/365 - just...light by Mihai Boangher
80/365 - just...light, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

No story for today.... I am going straight to bed :)! Good night!
See you tomorrow!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

79/365 - Ace... we all have one

Well I guess we all have an ace up our sleeve, we just need to find it and use it at the right time... I am ...
See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

78/365 - Rise...

78/365 - Rise... by Mihai Boangher
78/365 - Rise..., a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

Today in my way back home from work I realized that I have an average of 12 hours a day for this week at the office and 3 at home so 15 hours a day of work..... I am tired and I can barely think ... my only rescue is my wife - she always knows how to bring my energy high and put me on the right track! I feel like a huge elephant that needs to move on ....

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

77/365 - Happy camper :)

Nice evening with a good friend! He also started a 365 project - you can see his work here -

See you tomorrow!

Monday, 15 July 2013

76/365 - Self portrait :)

Worked for almost 12 hours today .... tired and powerless... I am going to sleep but not until I shot a self portrait of the camera ...of course with bunny ears :))

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

75/365 - Big world!

75/365 - Big world! by Mihai Boangher
75/365 - Big world!, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

Today was a leisure day as I went to my parents summer house for a barbeque with my wife. My grandma and my cousin with his wife and 2 children were there when we arrived and also my wife's parent's joined us shortly. So we had a great time among family and we also eat great food - a nice way to end the week and to get fresh good energy to start another one!
See you tomorrow!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

74/365 - Under construction!

In the past years this image is very familiar to anyone that lives in Bucharest, we build and we build - unfortunately without too much thinking going on . We have new buildings next to old ones, next to ruins or small houses...

See you tomorrow!

Friday, 12 July 2013

73/365 - On the street

73/365 - On the street by Mihai Boangher
73/365 - On the street, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

Today I took the first step in getting my most wanted change in this project - getting outside the house. After work I went on the streets of the old town and I cleared my head with a street session, I will post more as I will process them on my flickr account. I will try to do one street photo a week and one portrait also as I posted yesterday. Somehow this combines the two :)

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

72/365 - Just work!

72/365 - Just work! by Mihai Boangher
72/365 - Just work!, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

Just what "the doctor" ordered - ice coffee at 9:00 PM to get my focus on the stuff I need to do as I still have 2-3 hours of working!
I have a lot of cool ideas in my head for this project unfortunately my allocated time is very short and there is not much I can do about this for a while...
I will start next week to insert a different thing into the project - one portrait a week - I will do this for a month and will see how it will go!
I will go back to work now! so see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

71/365 - Time capsule

71/365 - Time capsule by Mihai Boangher
71/365 - Time capsule, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

I have a feeling of deja vu - the watch is confirming this also...
I have a period when all deadlines are this week and I am not in any form or shape ready for them... we will see how this will go down :)

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

70/365 - Converse - the final frontier

Apart from the polo addiction I am also addicted to converse....I don't know why but I simply like this kind of shoes and although I tried other brands, lately I keep coming back to my trusty grey leather pair :).

See you tomorrow!

Monday, 8 July 2013

69/365 - Romanian Mustang

Ok.. so not really a mustang's a Dacia 1300 - I am very fond of this car as my father had one when I was little. Now Dacia factories are owned by Renault and are producing decent cars. When this car was cool everybody knew how to fix one, it was funny how people gathered around the care and managed to fix it using things that were available....

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

68/365 - Different stories

I love this sky, I love the red and the clouds...
I am planning next week right now, putting my chaos in order. I am trying wunderlist as a to do app and so far I am enjoying the simple user experience - also it's the only one that goes cross-platform and works decent (apple & pc). I will tell you more as I am using it on a daily basis.

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

67/365 - Slightly out of focus

Today's photo is like me ...slightly out of focus. I need to pull my s... together and focus because I have a ton of stuff to do. I have migrated from a slow paced life to one that I have no idea how to manage... I am in a constant change of tasks and to do list for work and home and the sad thing is that I don't finish them....
Even this project is not going where I wanted due to the small time that I have for it. And I feel the need to talk a little about the camera and slow focusing issues. It can't focus if the light is dim... this means that night shots are out of the question...even evening, so you can't do anything after 9 PM outside. I find this a huge problem for an expensive camera like this... it hunts for focusing and it hunts a little more and when you thought it locked focus you end up at home with nice out of focus images

Friday, 5 July 2013

66/365 - Is sky the limit?

I never tried to shoot stars.... this is my first attempt.
I often sit on my balcony and smoke and look at the stars wondering ....
I liked doing this so you will see more of this kind of photography (hopefully better ) in the future!

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

65/365 - ...This always happens

Conclusions of the day:
1. Don't have enough time to do everything
2. Don't make plans cause faith will laugh in your face and laugh again it will :)
3. Everybody has someone that ruins the "perfect" shot :))

I saw a photographer that was doing some posing with his girlfriend and a kid just planted itself in the edge of the frame :))

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

64/365 - Lost in laundry

To be honest…I don’t do laundry….. I am lost when it comes to matching and putting together clothes to be washed. Thank god that my wife loves me just the way I am and she does this activity!
I am planning a photoshoot and hopefully I will do it in the next days with a good friend. I borrowed one D800 with 24-70 & 70-200 2.8 to compliment my little Fuji :)… As soon as I will have more information on what will be done I will post more details!

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

63/365 - Free identity photo

It’s Tuesday so that means photography school. I have just arrived home , I am tired and I will go to sleep in a few minutes.
I was always fascinated by this photo machines… when I was little this kind of things didn’t exist so I found them interesting now although you can find them anywhere. I wonder if somebody uses them as I never saw them in “action”.
Well I got one shot…for free :)
See you tomorrow!

Monday, 1 July 2013

62/365 - Say what?!

62/365 - Say what?! by Mihai Boangher
62/365 - Say what?!, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

I am amazed sometimes with how funny some things are...I don't know if this are in every country as the image of Orange but I found them very funny! And they are also practical as USB stick (8G).

Coming back to planet Earth I am putting everything in my calendar and I am doing my best to stick to every action that was added there. I will have a busy week and as I added weddings and parties I noticed that August and September weekends are already almost fully booked with events! Therefore I really need a clean calendar to avoid unpleasant situations.

See you tomorrow!