Saturday, 27 July 2013

88/365 - I do! R2D2 do you..

I have updated the camera & the lens with the new firmware that fixed a lot of the issues that I was finding on a daily use. The main one is the focus accuracy and speed which went from horse to car - there is still a huge difference between car and sports car (DSLR) but for what I use my camera not commercial is very good now. Also the accuracy has been greatly improved and now it locks on in areas where normally it didn't. Apart from this they added a second function to the f button - where normally I had ISO now I will have focus points in order to avoid sticking my finger in my nose when trying to switch from one focus point to another. To be noted that also focus peeking has been added - I don't use it as I don't use manual focus that often but having sony's experience on focus peeking it can be improved. There are also improvements on the video side of things but to be honest since I have bought the camera I have never used this function so I can't talk about this

I will take the camera and put it to some tests in the real world at night - which I tried before and it was not usable - focus was barely locking if not locking at all. I know that contrast detection is weaker than phase detection and that it requires skill and knowledge in order to use it in your advantage and in night time there is a problem with contrast difference as everything contains black BUT my sony nex that I have previously owned could lock focus so it can be done therefore I expect that the following series of X-camera to use phase detection and step up their game in a league that nobody is in right now.

Hats down for Fuji and their dedication to improve things and the support that they are putting on the table for the normal consumers. I have not seen this approach for ages from electronic companies and I thing this is what will separate them from others apart from the high-end product. It is quite interesting how we became used to poor services in general and when you receive proper support you feel respected and taken care off.

See you tomorrow!

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