Thursday, 25 July 2013

86/365 - Fighting my dark side

I am fighting my dark side on a daily basis, I am sleeping only a few hours per day but I am working an average of 12-13 hours on a crazy schedule - all projects are at their peak in this period and everything is chaotic - everybody around me is tired and cranky and I am fighting my dark side in order to keep calm and push further - hopefully in 1 month and a half things will calm down!

I found myself enjoying very much to use the Lego figurines for this project so I will continue with this... as I can express through static figurines my state of mind - which is awesome!

The main issue that I have is that 18-55 is not a macro therefore huge crops are required such as this where I think I am at 100 % crop but the quality that I receive from this little beast is amazing so I don't mind a little grain or noise!

See you tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Like the b&w and the placement of image components within the frame. Have missed you on the Fuji Xseries forum. Hope you were not put off by some negative comments about putting your project there. I also noticed that a 122 day project has not had any posts for sometime. Looking forward to more artistic use of Lego. David