Thursday, 8 August 2013

100/365 - Say cheese!

100/365 - Say cheese! by Mihai Boangher
100/365 - Say cheese!, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

The greatest thing of this project is not the photography part is the fact that you really know how many days have past since you started - usually days pass by us and we don't really pay enough attention, we don't take a moment to reflect on what we have done and what we want to do in the future.
So this is day 100 for me since I started the project - and today I have allocated some time to reflect and I will give you the summary of my last 100 days as a lot of stuff happen (when you say from May it doesn't sound much - when you say 100 days it changes the perspective):

The good:
1.I have met 2 great guys that opened a world for me that I thought it was miles away
2. Stepped up my editing skills
3. Learned a lot in general

The bad:
1. Spent considerable less time with my better half
2. I have worked very long hours at the office
3. My average sleep since June is 5-6h per night, I need rest and a vacation

Goals for the next 100 days:
1. To have more quality time with my lovely wife
2. To step up my game from an editing perspective and improve my workflow
3. To book a holiday and get some rest

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