Thursday, 13 June 2013

44/365 - XX marks the sound!

X marks the spot, XX marks the sound!

I am looking at different tutorials on the internet and slowly building my own workflow based on the highlights from each one. I saw a lot of people that is learning new things stopping at the first tutorial / book /teacher they encounter and don’t search further taking that information as the ultimate one …
I am not an adept of this approach for many reasons but the main one is simple: for my photography only I know what is best for me and what works or not. For me (and I repeat this…for me…) the best way is to gather as many information I can and build my own with a solid foundation.
Regarding the headphones I am very pleased with this pair of inear JVC – for the price I thing that they are unbeatble. The build quality is also good and the fact they come with a case is a great thing as usually they end up thrown in a bag exposed. I am using them a lot with my new pc and they feel great even after 5-6 hours of use.
See you tomorrow!

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