Friday, 21 June 2013

52/365 - work

52/365 - work by Mihai Boangher
52/365 - work, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.

I haven’t written this much since the beginning of the project, great and exciting things are happening but this is time consuming and I am starting to feel like the day is too short for all I want to do. I need to get a good balance between work, photo activities and my lovely wife. I see a lot of people neglecting family and their loved ones putting ahead of them work in all it’s forms and I am not going to do this.
We have planned a trip for the w/e and I am eager for this as I worked too much lately and I really needed a break. We will visit two locations: the first one is Balea Lake, a glacier lake situated at aprox 2000m altitude. The road that goes to it offers one of the great experiences in Romania and Eastern Europe – Transfagarasn road, and don’t believe me look up Top Gear episode shot in Romania and you will see for yourselves what I am talking about. After spending one night at the lake we will go to Sibiu city which is one of the coolest city’s in Romania. In 2007 was European Capital of culture and the old city of Sibiu was ranked as Europe’s 8th most idyllic place to live by Forbes magazine (Wikipedia source).
For this trip I will compliment my Fuji with the Ipad 2 and the card reader to keep everything in a light and small backpack. Although Ipad 2 does not offer the best performance from a screen and processing perspective I do love it as it is more than sufficient for what I use it on a daily basis. I will upload a downsized version of the photos due to apple’s system. I am not sure yet what applications I will use or how good are the JPG’s from the camera as most of my shooting is in raw but now due to the lack of a pc I will be forced to shoot in JPG’s (RAW & JPG)
I will post more photos on my flickr account (keep your fingers crossed for mobile reception) on the go!
See you tomorrow!

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