Tuesday, 14 May 2013

14/365 - People's Palace

Today I am late with my post as I was at photography school and I camed home late! I had a very short time for my daily photo but I have managed to get to a place that I like very much.
This is Casa Poporului (People’s palace) and from my opinion is the most impressive building in Romania, not only from its stature (heaviest building in the world) but from it’s history too. It was finished just before the revolution in 1989 in Nicolae Ceausescu’s regime (communist regime). It has 20 floors from which is 12 stories tall and has 8 underground levels.
What is very odd for our times is the fact that it was mainly build with materials from Romania including marble, crystals, steel and bronze. It now houses Romania’s Chamber of Deputies & The Romanian Senate. It can also be visited! so if you do a city break in Bucharest be sure you visit this incredible monument.
You can find lots of stories over the internet regarding this building and Nicolae Ceausescu - some true, some fictionary... There is a constant local saying that it was better then (before 1989) than now. I can’t say anything on my own experience as I was too little but I do see the irony how they managed to build this and name it House of the people / People’s palace and most of the people were in lines in order to buy one bread and some milk and many were starving….
See you tomorrow!

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