Tuesday, 21 May 2013

21/365 - Fuji X new little brother

Again Tuesday, again photography school and less time for capturing my daily photo. My teacher has the new Fuji X100S and my colleague was getting the feel of the camera so I snapped a quick photo of him doing his thing!
Regarding the movie saw last night, after all the lately madness with Game of thrones and more recently Hannibal series I needed to see a good action movie. I don’t know why but I stopped at Seven Samurai…. Yes the black and white version. I don’t understand why action movies can’t match half the quality of the movie. It is filmed like Akiro Kurosawa was painting the idea into the viewers brain, not filming it and if you let yourself captured by the story you are rewarded with the best 180 minutes spent in front of your TV watching an action movie!
I urge all people to see how action movies should have been made for the last decade. I know that we live in an era were quantity overcome quality by far but in every domain will be people that will pay the extra money to buy, see or feel something of good quality. I am disappointed of a lot of things lately because of the low quality production.
I guess that is also what sets Fuji from their competitors with the X series cameras – by playing in another league .
See you tomorrow!

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