Sunday, 5 May 2013


5/365 by Mihai Boangher
5/365, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.
This was the day when I really was on the edge as I didn’t had my daily photo until the last minute. This is an important lesson for me to open my eyes and always “scan” because the shot above was right next to me and as soon as I saw the frame I reached for my camera. I have ended up on the floor as I needed a slower shutter speed in order to compensate the lack of light as I was already at ISO 6400 and at 1/30 the handheld results were blurry.
Meet Lusha, my in-laws dog! After 2 full days of eating and enjoying so much company she was beat and was sleeping in a small place in the kitchen stove. I saw a picture when she was only one month and she could stay in the same place raised. She loves that hole because of the warmth from the stove although that was intended for keeping wood not the dog :)
See you tomorrow!

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