Wednesday, 22 May 2013

22/365 - Me hungry!

22/365 - Me hungry! by Mihai Boangher
22/365 - Me hungry!, a photo by Mihai Boangher on Flickr.
         In the past days I complained that I was overwhelmed with things that I postponed or even worse I forgot. I am having moments when I remember that I needed to do something and if I don’t do them right away I forget about them again. What to in order to fix this?
          First I made a list with all the to do’s and I have made a split between different activities like pc, home, work, phone etc... after that I have searched for an app in order to manage all this crazy things…and I searched ….. and I searched a little bit more… and I found it Planner Plus app it was exactly what I was looking for (at least at the first use :) ) It has the look and feel of a normal planner so I just love this about the app. What I hate for now is the fact that I am stuck with the ipad app as it does not offer cross device support! I also started to use more the Evernote app lately – snap a picture of something bang it’s in evernote with a short description .
      I will give you a feedback after 1 month use of both apps in order to get a good impression.
See tomorrow!

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