Wednesday, 29 May 2013

29/365 - Shades of grey

It is funny how our mind thinks and how simple it reacts to anything – it approves or disapproves in a few seconds. And I am talking about anything here from a person to a gadget to an idea.
We are living in a world where most people complain about everything - their jobs, taxes, weather, traffic, family etc…
Today I read an article that was referring to stupid vs intelligent people (schooled people). At the first glance it was funny how the writer was pointing out the fact that the worlds work on actions not on analyzing and that stupid people most of the time act while intelligent people usually make plans over plans and they give up therefore stupid people most of the time “win”. After reading the whole thing, while it had some humor and some truth in it, I could not agree with the idea. Why? Well he was stating that schooled people always have a problem with the system and treated this as defect – saying that instead of trying to change it you should ride the wave - while I don’t agree with this : all great things were made by people that were out of the systems of their times from great books to electricity, to cars, to internet, facebook & iphone .
Combining my view with his view I have ended up with the following ideas:
Action and reaction – how the world works – DO IT NOW
Sticking behind an idea – usually we are getting bored easily and we go on to the next idea – LET THE IDEA GROW (and improve it through experience)
System / Matrix / However you want to put it – with or against it – well ….it depends on you – you could be against it but use it to get to your goal by leveraging your talents/ or you could be with it and be happy like this
From my perspective the conclusion is simple – do whatever makes you happy but do something besides complaining :)
I would like to know what do you think about the “mass complaining”?

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